Build Trust and Sell Through Email
Build Trust and Sell Through Email

Every marketer always strives to have a positive feedback on each prospective client. With the right information on how to manipulate human brain by application of persuasion psychology, it becomes easier for a marketer to achieve great results. Persuasion Psychology can be considered to be one of the greatest tool that is a must-have for every marketer so that they can be in a position to influence buying decisions.

In this article, we are going to look at the principles of persuasion psychology and the five ways in which they can be applied to marketing emails to enhance their conversions.

1. Consistency

Always ensure the sender of the email is the same person. Having a single “from” name will help in building trust with the recipients. The recipients will begin to associate you with your brand and since you will be sending relevant and helpful things they will be looking forward to having emails from you. Additionally, a personal email address will create that personal touch, and the client can be in a position to easily relate with.

Therefore, it is recommended to use an individual’s name, who might be a member of the company together with the company in the “from” section of the mail. This can be executed in the following way; [Team Member First Name] @ [Company Name].

2. More Personalization

Apart from using the recipient first name and company name, you can have personalized contents. Therefore, potential clients will feel as if the sender understands them and their preferences. This will make them pay more attention to what the email has to say.

The best way to achieve this is by avoiding forms with many fields and employing the usage of smart fields and progressive profiling. This will help in learning more information about the subscribers.

3. Avoid Locking Relevant Information Behind a Form

While sharing meaningful content with your subscribers, you should not lock it behind a form. Since through personalization of your marketing services you would have already learnt more about your subscribers, you should be able to offer premium content without having to reintroduce forms.

4. Use of Subject Experts

Human beings tend to accept anything said by a person they perceive to be an expert on a particular subject. The concept should be employed while selling your services through email. Having an expert onboard will help in enhancing the trust levels of your subscribers. With a recent study showing that more than 85 percent of consumers seek expert’s advice before purchasing anything, this should be an effective strategy.

5. Take Advantage of Social Influence

Human beings are known to conform to what their peers believes in. If people who an individual identify with does something, he or she is drawn to whatever it is being done.

This social influence can be used to improve marketer’s prospects. By inclusion of testimonials, case studies and reviews subscribers can easily be persuaded.

With the aforementioned strategies, every marketer should be in a position of achieving his dreams and become successful in his career.

5 Strategies to Build Trust and Sell Through Email