We have mentioned in past posts about how affiliate marketing has been one of the fastest growing businesses online, and that when your website or blog sells on behalf of a certain business, this is how you make money. Performance-based commissions are based on online sales, extending from your network of friends.

While this might sound so easy, I would have to tell you that there is affiliate marketing do’s and don’ts which you should watch out for, to prevent from falling into the trap in the belief that you can make a lot of money quick. Before you take the plunge, be forewarned on some nuances of the business which I will be touching in this blog.

Do’s of Affiliate Marketing

• A network of fellow affiliates would help. The advantage of joining a network is that it is good for your credibility, most especially when you are aligned with top affiliates in the field. This will allow for the faster release of money as top affiliates become a part of an escrow agent who will consolidate the payments for affiliate marketers involved in multiple programs. This will come with a cost that is about 20-30% of the fees.
• Affiliate channels need a good manager. Affiliate channels work in such a way that they will promote your business effectively because they have all the proper skills, focus, and understanding of the intricacies of the business. Channels are great platforms to harness new customers. This pretty much works like a franchisee who will help your business grow better.
• Affiliate Summits are helpful. This type of networking will help you close deals, and this type of networking will form personal and professional relationships which are an important aspect of your business.
• Do establish a reward system with your downline where merchants who are hardworking enough are motivated to exert more effort because of the compensation you give.

Why Affiliate Marketing Do’s and Don’ts Matter

Success in this business means you must be business savvy. You must always apply the 80/20 rule where output is placed regarding the traffic your site generates. Choose on making partnerships with very good merchants as well as other affiliates because this will surely point out to growth. Finally, learn to study the business well so that you would not fall into the trap of making costly mistakes that would undermine the success of your business.

Affiliate Marketing Do’s & Dont’s
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