If you are interested in joining the thousands of people who are into this type of business, then you must be familiar with most of the affiliate marketing lingo. This is like getting into the culture of the business where you would be more at ease with the way you transact your business, and the first thing that you should know is to know the language.

The Common Terms in the Affiliate Marketing Lingo

• The affiliate network. This is a third party which provides those in the affiliate program, connecting them to a merchant. They provide the right kind of technology used to track affiliate work and ensure that the number of sales is tracked and recorded. This is the basis for affiliates to be paid their commission.
• Affiliate Manager. The one who manages the merchant’s affiliate program. They are also responsible for the recruitment of affiliates, promotional methods to be used, programs for sales, and the go-between affiliate marketers and the merchant.
• The affiliate program. It is a scope of work or program that a merchant offers to allow for people who have used the product to recommend or make references to people about their products and services. In exchange, a commission is given based on some pre-determined result, which has been generated by the referral scheme.
• The CTR (Click through Rate). This is one of the most important affiliate marketing lingo. This is a meter or metric that they use to determine the number of times in which your affiliate link was clicked on. It can record the number of times that the link has been viewed through percentage. The number of clicks is further measured by the number of impressions it has generated.
• The Co-Branding. Merchants create a custom landing page for a specific affiliate to send referrals that contain branding of the merchant. This will also be easier to track leads since impressions will be recorded. Super affiliates are the only ones who are given the opportunity for co-branding.
• Commission is the amount of money or the fee, which merchants gives to an affiliate. This is usually predefined by the merchants who sets the desired outcome for the particular affiliate.
• First Click. This is an important lingo as it signifies the first click which has been credited to you and the user has purchased something that is going to be credited to you. Conversion is a process where the user has either viewed the page or made a sale.
• Payment Threshold. Merchants have a minimum payment for affiliates who have accrued clicks and sales. Some affiliates prefer earning all payments rather than being sent small payments in the process.

Getting to Know Your Lingo

These are just a few affiliate marketing lingo that you must be very familiar with. As you go along with the business, you will be more familiar with the language used in the conduct of affiliate marketing. More will be added as soon as you learn the ropes. These terms will help you navigate affiliate marketing.

The Common Affiliate Marketing Lingo